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  • New portfolio for all clients (completed in 5 months), in line with customer needs and with the skills and capabilities of the sales force management
  • Improved purity of client portfolios from 68% to 89%
  • The various indicators are now available to all players in the customer relationship – marketing, sales, management
  • An increase in the number of sales per FTE and in the multi-sales coefficient
  • Improved customer satisfaction

The problem

How to optimize commercial efficiency and manage investments according to the value and potential of each client?

The challenges

  • Enrich client knowledge
  • Reorganize the commercial network
  • Optimize the commercial efficiency of a network bank
  • Put the bank’s investments in line with the value and potential of each client


This banking and finance group is a leader in the Maghreb, with 7.4 million customers in 23 countries. The sales department must be reorganized to improve efficiency and proactivity, in line with the bank’s new strategy.



Inbox provided the company with a multidisciplinary team – a data scientist and industry experts – led by a project manager specializing in the banking sector to support it in its various marketing challenges. An Inbox consultant worked daily with SAS Enterprise Guide® and SAS Miner® tools.

Enriched client knowledge

The Inbox teams defined a value-potential segmentation, conceived as an interpretive framework for the business assets. This became the basis of the bank’s commercial policy and enabled the investment per customer to be defined.

Predictive marketing

With its data expertise, Inbox has developed a whole series of scores and triggers – for relationship weakening, product appeal, etc.

The Next Best Offer engine, set up as part of a move toward industrialization, allows the brand to tailor its offer to the customer. Thus, every day, the sales force has priority clients to contact and the reason for approaching each of them.

Consulting & expertise

Inbox assisted the bank in reorganizing its commercial network, the objective being to determine resource needs by branch and profile, then to recast the portfolios according to the new segmentation.

Inbox was involved in the whole change management process related to the operational implementation of these new tools.

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